The cover is finished!

Here is the beautiful cover art that Phil Howe created.

With the cover design complete Dancing with Eternity takes it’s next step: the Advanced Release Copy.  This will go out to reviewers at newspapers, sci-fi mags and websites.  With any luck, and assuming the dazzling cover will tempt reviewers to peek inside and give it a read, we will get some nice press to help it along on its road to release.  I don’t think I’m jaded enough for this to not be exciting.  This baby has been incubating for a long time.  I have received a lot of help from a lot of good friends and a very patient wife and lots of love and support from an entire community of artists, actors, vagabonds and visionaries.  It is humbling to be a part of such a vibrant group of people.  My thanks goes out to all of you across the country who have inspired me and nourished me with your wit, wisdom, vulnerability and folly.  May the cosmos continue to be as surprising, hilarious and poignant as it has always been.  May we continue to find our way in it with grace, good humor and good luck.

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2 Responses to The cover is finished!

  1. Chuck Sigars says:

    Can’t wait to read it, John. I’ll check in with you as release gets closer and maybe we can do an interview. I’d love to write a column on you, Ellen, the book, etc. (I tend to write about etc. a lot).

    • john says:

      I LOVE columns about etc.! I think Ellen and I could hold forth on etc. for hours, weeks, months, etc. We also do pretty well with et al and ad infinitum and can hold our own with stet, see above, and i. e.

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