Anime Midwest!

Ellen and I are attending our first FanCon: Anime Midwest, just outside of Chicago.  The fans are really great.  Wonderful costumes and incredible youthful energy.  It just does my heart good to see the computer games we are a part of helping to create this vibrant community.

It has been a lot of fun for us and for the fans.  We performed GLaDOS’ two big hits, Want You Gone and Still Alive.  Ellen sang and I accompanied her on the banjo.  The banjo just seemed to be the right, hi-tech, 21st century instrument for the job.

We had the heavy responsibility of judging costumes and performances at the masquerade ball.  Very tough decisions as everyone was great!


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11 Responses to Anime Midwest!

  1. john says:

    Why are all these pictures sideways? It’s because they were taken outside of Chicago and uploaded in Seattle. You see? The world is a ball and up is a different direction here than it is where I took these pictures. Please say it’s that. Please don’t tell me that such a basic thing as getting pictures to be seen right way up is beyond the ability of the internet.

  2. john says:

    Okay, okay, I fixed it. But really, isn’t there an app for that? Photos-right-side-up, or something?

    • Jim Perkins says:

      Congrats! It appears that the FanCon was quite successful and all had a great time. Any photos from the Formal Cosplay Ball?

  3. Liz says:

    It was a joy seeing you there! Can’t wait for Dancing with Eternity 🙂

  4. We should start thinking that we are superhuman in our own right without the benefit of colourful costumes.

    • Mawar says:

      I just finished your book a day ago and I tracked down your blog just to tell you thank you’ for such a phenomenal read! It was one of the best books I’ve picked up in ages!Now my only question for you is: are you planning on coming to Minneapolis anytime in the near future? It would be an honor to get your signature on my copy of your book!

      • john says:

        We would love to come to Minneapolis! Are there any fancons there? If so, tell our web publicist, Chris Pope, and he’ll try to book us there! I’d love to meet you and sign your copy.

        Thanks so much for writing!

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