Doing the work and getting there

When you talk about something like creating a space-faring civilization it can seem so daunting, so massive, that it literally seems like pie in the sky: just not reasonable to contemplate.  But when you compare it to bringing just one person out of the abyss of emotional pain and injury, teaching just one person how to play a musical instrument or understand mathematics, or even just cleaning the house, you see that it’s not daunting at all.  Various things need to be accomplished in a certain order.  Little things that add up to big things.

There are people in my life now who continually teach me the extent of human resilience and creativity.  People who have been hurt so badly that you’d think they could never be healed, but they are healing.  Healing in little steps, little increments.  Moving forward some days, falling a little back on others, but ultimately getting better, answering questions, becoming healthier.

We are so durable, so persistent, so stubborn.  We refuse to give up and we keep working the problem.  What is a more unreachable goal?  A terraformed Mars or mental health?  As horrific as the things we do to each other are sometimes and as tragic the consequences, we never stop fighting back, rebuilding, struggling to get better.

We can create a beautiful garden in a mind that was once filled with pain.  And we can create one on a barren world that will be a new home for us.  Not just for people, but for all of the life that now lives only on one tiny planet in a vast universe.  As we garden Mars we will learn more and more how to tend our garden on Earth.  As we live on two planets tens of millions of miles apart, we will learn how tiny our perspective is, for if we can live on two planets, we will know that we will eventually live on many, many worlds circling many, many stars.  Not Star Trek, not action heroes, just us.  Regular old us embracing the galaxy, exploring, homesteading, gardening.  Who knows?  Maybe even meeting someone new.

Dancing With Eternity comes out on September 1st, less than two weeks away now.  A novel I wrote because I was in pain over people who were lost to me.  Those people have been found and my novel is being published.  Compared to those accomplishments moving life out into the cosmos seems almost pedestrian.  Let’s keep working the problems!

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  1. Jim Perkins says:

    The classical Greeks’ Stoics (at least according to Zeno’s definition) believed the knowledge is virtue and that man has a moral duty to learn the laws of nature and live according to them. Having done that would bring happiness to individuals and justice to societies. In addition, pain or distress in life, and even death, are not absolute, final evils…leading us to the point where we are beyond all pain. It is this use of knowledge, fed by the ingenuity of man’s nature that presents society the opportunity to accomplish almost anything that can be imagined. It was this philosophy (mostly) that help Hellenize the ancient world, and whose effects are with us still. Terraforming Mars may the the new & improved version of Hellenization, but on a planetary scale. Even more fundamentally, the Hellenes posited that the real ‘stuff’ that are all around us are really only poor representations of reality…that reality exist only in the mind. ..inspiring us to the point that what can be imagined can become reality.
    Your comments strike me as coming from someone who not only grasps that philosophy, but expands it to goals and accomplishments of which we have not yet even imagined. I bet the book is boffo! Hey!…get the word out!

    • john says:

      Nice to have a reply from such a classicist! I’m getting the word out every way I can! Thanks, Jim!

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