GLaDOS solos MomoCon!

Ellen was a very brave soldier to travel to MomoCon all by herself. Yes, the voice of GLaDOS is a chicken when it comes to travel on her own. Since our meeting 28 years ago I’ve accompanied her on 99% of her trips across Europe and the U.S. That’s the way she likes it!

The Citadel! Er, I mean, The Marriott Marquis

But she survived and had a marvelous time with friends old and new. The very comfortable Marriott Marquis reminded her of the “Citadel” in Half-Life 2, but her beautiful “Chell Bodyguards”, Samantha Skinner and Sarah Tillman, escorted her throughout the Con and took her on necessary bathroom breaks, and were most helpful in organizing the line of friendly folks there at Momo to meet her. I’m glad to say most were interested in my novel, “Dancing With Eternity”, and many bought copies, in fact, all the ones that she had lugged with her in her gargantuan suitcase!

Samantha and Sarah! The wandering Chells

She saw Professors Jeff Chastine and Jon Preston of SPSU (Southern Polytechnic State University) for a bite at Waffle House. She had “Cheese” grits with her waffle.
My Nashville girl knows the correct terminology.
Her friends Amethyst and John took her outside in balmy Atlanta for a beautiful brunch, and she got to meet and eat with artist, Jennifer Sorrell and friends.

GLaDOS is checking out the Waffle Menu, and her pals, Jon, Jeff and Courtney.

Ellen actually met an old friend of mine at Momo, Debby Robic. Ellen thought she was far too beautiful!

Highlights include “The Cake and Cube” by Catherine and Carter, and the “Steam Punk Portal Gun” by Duncan.

Duncan with his steam punk Portal gun!

Thank you to everyone at Momo for being so kind to my Ellen, including Stephen, Chris, Jen, Darius, Seneca, Julia, and too many to list!

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3 Responses to GLaDOS solos MomoCon!

  1. Seneca Wilson says:

    Ellen was an awesome person to meet. Very happy to hear she had a great time.

  2. Noah says:

    “GLaDOS is checking out the waffle menu.” Never heard that one before.

    How is DOTA 2 going on your end?

  3. SangBin says:

    En effet, je m’attendais e0 bien mieux.Le0, c’est comple8tement vide de sens, de contenu, d’ambiance, d’humour, de tout en fait.Les pettis gars qui avaient re9alise9 les courts-me9trages base9s sur l’univers de Half-Life 2 (Beyond Black Mesa ou Escape From City 17) seraient, e0 mon humble avis, bien plus de9signe9s et compe9tents pour nous pondre un petit truc sympa sur Portal.Bref, essai e0 travailler, beaucoup !

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