San Japan in San Antonio: The Riverwalk, The Alamo and thousands of cosplayers!

Ellen relaxes on the Riverwalk after a day of panels and signing autographs

Ellen and I had a great time in San Antonio this August at the incredible fancon San Japan. San Antonio is a beautiful city and San Japan was a great time for everyone! The con was held right next to San Antonio’s famous Riverwalk, which is a wonderful oasis away from the heat of a Texas summer. There are clubs and restaurants and shops all along it’s shores and the nightlife was rockin’. We ended everyday with a peaceful stroll along the river, the shops and trees festooned with lights, the sounds of bands wafting over the water. It was very pleasant and we can’t thank the organizers of San Japan enough for choosing such a beautiful place to hold a con.

As always, the fans were incredible and their cosplay work was outstanding.

What is Ellen doing? Something important, no doubt. And why am I wearing my name tag that way? Intrinsic sense of style?

Ellen and I played a concert, did several panels, including a no-holds-barred exposé of the world of animation, video games, voice work and whatever else we could think of to throw into the discussion at the time. It was irreverent, imprudent, implausible and overall hilarious. The fans laughed even more than we did.

I would accept cake, even hypothetical, rhetorical, or blatantly non-existent duplicitous cake, from this GLaDOS anytime!

Our FABulous and very photogenic con liason, Niki!

All in all, we had a wonderful time at San Japan and a wonderful time in San Antonio. A friendly, convivial and beautifully historical Texas landmark. If you get a chance to go next year I would highly recommend it! Don’t forget to see the Alamo (still no basement, sorry, PeeWee Herman fans), old town and the fabulous River Walk!

Remember the Alamo! (Who could forget it?)

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2 Responses to San Japan in San Antonio: The Riverwalk, The Alamo and thousands of cosplayers!

  1. Kristen Elise says:

    Mr.Lowrie i’m so glad you loved this city so much 🙂 I’m glad I met you, and lovely Ellen. GLaDOS and Sniper are my favourite valve characters. Thank you for inviting me to the video game Q.A panel. The pictures of you are lovely, and Dancing with Eternity is a great book. Hope to see you again! -from the red head in the lumberjack hat

    • john says:

      Glad you had a good time at San Japan! We loved meeting all the fans and really did have a wonderful visit to San Antone!

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