Free stuff!!!

SteelHey, peeps! Everybody likes free stuff. Well, here is some! For all of you out there with an intellectual bent who enjoy having your brain turned musically inside out for four minutes or so, here is the new (mildly promotional) music video of my chamber orchestra piece, Conversations With Piltdown Man. It is accompanied by shots from the beautiful artwork created for the audiobook release of my scifi novel, Dancing With Eternity, so, as I said, it is mildly promotional. But mostly it’s just beautiful.Waterfalls

The title, Conversations With Piltdown Man, refers to a famous hoax that resided in the British Museum for many years. It ostensibly ‘proved’ that modern man had evolved in Great Britain. So, as you can imagine, conversations with him can be quite enlightening. After all, he never even existed!

I hope you enjoy the music.
shuttles & 3 moons copy

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