M J Elliott, author, editor

“An utterly believable depiction of other worlds and races, imagination drips from every page. John Patrick Lowrie has more talent than any human being has a right to possess. A triumph of science fiction. I only wish I’d written it!”

— M J Elliott, Editor of The Whisperer in Darkness, The Horror in the Museum, The Right Hand of Doom, The Haunter of the Ring

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2 Responses to M J Elliott, author, editor

  1. Matthew J Elliott says:

    Speaking as a pessimist and lifelong killjoy, I hate it when good things happen to good people. Down with John Patrick Lowrie – he must be stopped!

    • john says:

      It’s interesting that you should come up with this particular strategy to save the future of space-time. You’re not the first, you know. I can’t begin to count all the heros and anti-heros whose overarching goal was the stopping of me. Makes for great prose and sells a lot of advertising.

      (Paid for by the National Matthew J Elliott Has Too Many Double Letters In His Name Foundation, or the NMJEHTMDLIHNF)

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