A few days ago I had the privilege and pleasure of being interviewed by two very entertaining young men styling themselves as deprava and ser sagremor on their podcast site, Impetuous Windmills.  They’ve broken the interview into two parts.  You can hear the first part here.  We talk a lot about my experience voicing characters for computer games, particularly the Halo series and the games I’ve voiced for Valve: Half-life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead.  We also touch on my wife, Ellen McLain’s, work as GlaDOS on the game Portal and the upcoming Portal 2.  Then we go on to discuss science fiction as a form of literature, it’s place and value in our culture and lots of other fun stuff.  The two young men are hilarious and I hope that my contribution is at least moderately enlightening.  Enjoy!  You’ll be able to hear the second part, a discussion of my soon to be released sci-fi epic, Dancing With Eternity, next week at the same location.

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